The Sentinal Game – An Impressive Sci-Fi Game


The Sentinel, also known as The Sentry, was a very popular game for children and is still popular today. It was one of the very first puzzle games and comes complete with sound, animation, music, and sounds effects. The game involves a boy, who is simply called a boy, who must prevent all the bad things from destroying his home, and eliminate all the aliens that are chasing him. The boy starts with an airship which he has to rescue, and the task is quite simple enough. However, the more you advance in the game, the more difficult it becomes.

In this game, the player has a wide variety of weapons at his disposal. He can use the first type of weapon as the laser, which will blast the enemies away, although do little damage to the sentinels. The other two types of weapons available to the player are the fire and ice blasting devices, which also serve to do some damage to the sentinels but will not harm them at all. To take out the more serious enemies in the game, you have the option of using the plasma cutter, which will chop the legs off of a sentinel and will destroy the core. If you are going for a good score, you should try to equip yourself with the best weapons available, such as the plasma cutter, so that you can take out all the tougher enemies and conserve your energy for when you are going fighting weaker ones.

The landscape in this game changes depending on where you are, and where you are going. For example, when you are on land and approach a sentinel, it will emit a bright light that will temporarily blind and slow you down, so that you can carefully get around it. When you go flying though, this light will be turned off, so that you can move freely about and attack the settings without any problems. It is a great game and one that you will not want to put down. Enjoy The Sentinal!

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