If you are one of those starving gamers who do not know anything about the SUIKODEN series, then allow me to introduce myself to you. SUIKODEN 2 is a follow-up on the first SUIKODEN game wherein the story revolves around two high school boys named Takanori and Hijiryo who have been invited to join the elite Silver Star group in their quest to conquer the world. But what most players will find out right away is that Takanori and Hijiryo do not have their own powers and abilities to battle with so they will have to rely on their friends for help. This is where the story of SUIKODEN 2 unfolds.

As the game progresses, we learn more about the characters, their backstories, and their relationships with each other and the world. For example, there is the cute little fairy who is the love interest for Takanori, and there is this really big and beefy frog who is the main playable character. Aside from the two main characters, there are also other minor characters such as the evil dragon who is responsible for the entire demise of the human world, and this is where the game gets more interesting as we learn more about his back story. The game also introduces us to new fantasy elements such as the element of magic along with other amazing elements such as flying and space travel as well as time compression. This also leads to the game’s memorable villains such as the evil fox and the evil dragon.

Another interesting aspect of this drug is its great level of detail and amazing graphics. The overall appearance of SUIKODEN 2 is very similar to that of the PC game wherein the characters are made in 3D and you get to see a lot of details of each one of them as you progress through the game. This is why I feel that it is more realistic than the other versions of RPG such as Baldur’s Gate and Mistkeep which have similar graphics but are less in-depth when it comes to the characters. For example, the 3D graphics of Suikoden II are very impressive and will keep your heart pumping even if you are playing the game for just an hour or so. The detailed and colorful graphics are done in a way that they create an illusion that will help you forget about the fact that you are just playing an ordinary PC RPG and not a graphical representation of the characters and things.

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