Start a Wedding Planning Business


A wedding planning company is a sort of legal entity which helps professionals (usually newlyweds) organize and execute wedding plans. In most instances, a wedding-planning business is an all-inclusive, full-service service which helps engaged couples effectively plan their weddings from start to finish. While it’s possible to arrange your own wedding, it’s also not necessary, and many professionals would prefer not to try to get their wedding or engagement off on the right foot without the aid of a professional planner. Weddings are an emotional time in any couple’s life, and one that requires much preparation before even considering what shoes to wear!


If you wish to start a wedding planning business, you’ll first need to consider what kind of general business you wish to operate. Do you wish to offer a consultation to couples planning their weddings, or do you wish to coordinate the entire event? Are you capable of tailoring services to meet the needs of a number of different clients, or do you have one firm policy you’re willing to follow? Once you know how you want to operate, it’s easier to think about how to start a wedding planning business.


Once you’ve decided on a specific location for your business, you can start to consider what services you’ll be offering. Will you provide a consultation to couples who wish to plan their own weddings, or will you act as a consultant for other wedding planners (either charging customers for your services, or sharing profits with them)? While some brides and grooms choose to hire a planner who they already know to be good at planning weddings, others start a wedding planning business out of the belief that they can do the work once they’ve paid for it.


Next, you need to create a business plan. Your business plan will serve as the guide to your business, and it should list every facet of your business, including who will be your employees, where you’ll run your business, when you’ll start, how you’ll pay for everything, and who your vendors will be. Even if you’re not planning to hire employees or run the business from your home, it’s still essential that you have a business plan because it will outline everything you need to do legally to start a business. If you’re unsure about whether or not you need a business plan, talk to an attorney who can give you sound advice about whether or not you need one.


Now that you’ve got your employees, you need to find bridal and wedding vendors. You can usually find vendors by contacting local wedding dressmakers, cake decorators, caterers, florists, photographers, and more. The more specialized you are in the area of weddings, the easier it will be to find vendors. Some areas have a wide selection of vendors, while others may only have a few.


Once you’ve found your vendors, you’ll need to set up a website for your bridal boutique. A website is essential for this type of business, since you’ll want to show off your work to potential clients. If you aren’t good at designing websites, there are plenty of companies that can do it for you at a reasonable price. Just make sure that you’re getting someone who actually specializes in wedding planning businesses, as opposed to someone who does anything else.


After your website is up and running, start advertising. Offer to help other couples with their weddings if they need any help. If you want to get your business off the ground, you’ll have to invest in advertising. Bridal and wedding planners will often work on a small budget, so you’ll need to offer specials and deals to draw customers in. Remember that word of mouth is the best type of advertising, so talk to your friends and family about your business.


You can start a wedding planning business as soon as you complete your education and take the plunge into full time bridal and wedding planning. The sky is the limit, so be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things. If you aren’t satisfied with one aspect of the business, it’s okay to move onto the next. Just keep in mind that your primary focus should be bridal weddings, as these are the most lucrative.

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