Real Housewives Who Left The Franchise – Can They Be Saved?


What is it about Real Housewives of Real Estate that gets women in such a rut? Is it the constant fighting with her husband, or the endless shopping trips to department stores? The most common answer from women who have been in this situation is “all of the above”. And that answers the question: how did Real Housewives of Real Estate get into such a rut?

The truth is, no one answer can be pinned down. Each housewife has her own unique situation that made her susceptible to this rut. For some it might be a lack of career success; For others, it could be financial woes (as in divorce). Then some left because they found a better life elsewhere. In fact, if you were to ask a million women how they met their husbands, you would likely get a million different answers.

No matter what it was, once a Housewife decided she was not going to put up with being stuck at the same old boring job, she decided to leave. And those who followed her have to deal with the fallout from that decision now – like Real Housewives of Real Estate does. It’s a new show on a new network – but what has happened to Housewives who left the franchise? The answer might not be an easy one, but the good news is, they’ve all gone on to have successful careers in their new pursuits.

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