Qualities That Make the Best Family Dogs


In the best family dogs list, there are certain criteria and characteristics that all great dogs have. Dog lovers know how important it is to have a loyal and devoted friend who will love you no matter what! Here are some of the most common characteristics and traits that make a dog one of a kind:

– Fights off boredom. A bored dog is a bored dog! Dogs need to have something of their own to do and if you constantly leave them alone, they may become depressed. Make sure your pet has his own toy or plaything to keep him occupied so he will not feel lonely and neglected.

– Always ready to run to the phone or to come to you when you call. A pet who is always up for a walk will be happy and healthy. A dog needs to be with his family and be able to play and run around with them. He does not want to be just another member of the family but wants to be a part as well!

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