Most Strange Hotels


Most Bizarre Hotels in the World by definition are those which most people will have never heard of or visited. By definition strange is used to describe a condition that is not familiar or normal. These hotels are a great way to experience something that you most likely won’t ever be able to go to. Most of these odd hotels have their own unique history attached to them. They can tell a lot about places and events around the world, they can tell you the weirdest stories, and they can even tell you about the people who have been to the hotel.


Most Bizarre Hotels in the World have their very own websites which are full of information about the hotel and what is on offer. In addition to this, the hotels themselves will often put up their own blogs and forums. Many of these blogs will give visitors a taste of what it’s like to stay at the hotel and some information on the strange activities which are carried out in the rooms. The internet has made staying in strange and unusual hotels very easy. Everything is easily found and booked online. The only thing travelers need to do is get there!


Most of the hotels that are listed as most bizarre do come with a little mystery. Some of them are listed simply because they have the most bizarre features imaginable. Other times the reason why a hotel is considered to be a little odd may be related to the way it was designed or constructed. Either way, the odd appearance of the establishment is sure to attract curious tourists.


Some of these hotels have a lot of character. Some of them are designed to look more antique. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many people will find the setting refreshing and different. If the style is enough to make you feel a little bit nostalgic about your home then it will be great. Some of the older hotels tend to offer more traditional rooms. These are often warm and cozy with furniture that exudes a homely charm.


Many other odd hotels can make for fascinating destinations. One of these is the Hotel Belgrade Palace. This palace is constructed in an old Roman style. Although it looks very modern, if you are going to stay here you will probably want to think again as this hotel offers only the best quality.


Another hotel that is probably worth considering if you are going to be staying somewhere strange is the L’Auberge de Clermont. This hotel is situated to the north of Clermont Sur Mer, which is its own city. The hotel is built in the style of a French chateau’s and this can definitely give a truly classic and luxurious impression. The hotel was originally built in the seventeenth century and until recently was the only true residence of the heirs to the de Clermont fortune.


Another option to consider is staying at the Hermitage, which is known to its staff and visitors as “the hotel that rocks the world”. The Hermitage is absolutely unique as you have the option to stay in a chalet that dates back to the eighteenth century. You will also get to experience the traditional British hospitality that is still alive and well in this beautiful location. The main attractions to this hotel are the Hermitage Restaurant and the “Meadowlands Tea Rooms”.


If you are interested in staying in a more out-of-the-ordinary location then you should look into staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Burlington. This hotel is located close to the Radisson Hotel in Paris and this can give you a chance to experience something completely different. If you enjoy unusual types of accommodation then you will definitely want to consider staying at this hotel as they have won many awards for their stylish and attractive designs. When you go on vacation, it is always important to try and stay in the most bizarre hotels so that you do not miss out on anything.

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