Madrid and The Prado Museum


The Prado Museum is an important repository of works of art by the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. The museum is home to almost one hundred artworks, which include his most famous pieces such as The First Communion (1907), The Old Man and the Sea (1915), The Yips (1915), and The Permanent Woman (1916). The Prado Museum is Spain’s most popular art museum, visited by millions of tourists each year. The main attraction of the museum is Picasso’s painting, The Yips, which was inspired by a trip to the southern country of La Rioja, where Picasso found the ancient ‘Yips’ on a riverboat while traveling on the River Guadalajara. The painting is so famous that it is displayed in the prestigious British Museum in London.


The Prado Museum and its sister galleries are some of the best-preserved art museums in the world, having been founded in 1913 by Countless oil dealers. These art galleries are grouped into four sections: the Natural History section, the Woman’s Area, the Contemporary Art, and the Architecture and Fine Art Collections. The Natural History section houses hundreds of ancient paintings, including The Yips and The Permanent Woman; the Woman’s area features artworks from various periods, such as Portrait (de Luxe), The Seated Woman, The Tortoise and The Ham (copyright); the Contemporary Art section includes famous artists such as Cubists Goya, Dada, and Monet; and the Architecture and Fine Art collections are home to famous buildings, such as The Prado and The Louvre. These museums also feature a fine collection of works of Picasso’s contemporary peers, including Manet’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) and Theicum (1908). In total, the entire museum is composed of over three thousand paintings, representing a cross-section of Spanish art from different genres.


With its beautiful foyer and grand staircase, the entrance of the Prado Museum looks onto a glorious terrace. From here you can simply walk to the House of Deputies (Madrid’s chamber) or the Royal Palace. It is located next to the Plaza Mayor and is easily accessible from the Metro. The Museum is open to the public at all times, although on certain days and during special events such as the Easter Festival or Christmas, the hours of public access are restricted to a limited number of hours. So make sure you check in before you visit Madrid to see this fabulous art museum and take back some memories of your recent trip to Madrid, for sure!

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