Horizon Zero Dawn – The Video Game You Have Been Looking For


Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Guerrilla Games for the PlayStation 4, developed in collaboration with the famous Japanese movie director, Lucidoscope. Horizon Zero Dawn gives players an excellent chance to experience the intense open environment of the distant future world where human contact has been eliminated. Aloy is a young woman whose past and present are intimately intertwined as she embarks on an incredible adventure to find answers to her father’s mysterious deaths. As she searches through the devastated landscape of the future world, she comes across a seemingly endless source of energy called the ‘orb’, which is said to be the only remaining source of life in the vast, untamed wilds.

However, when Aloy finds the Orb, she is suddenly thrown back in time, into the era of human life on earth. There, she must use all of her survival skills and wit to make her way through the dangerous world of Horizon Zero Dawn and stop the evil entity that seeks to consume the world and all that it stands for … The storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn gives players a chance to experience a gripping tale of hope and despair as you struggle to survive the perils and dangers of the future world in which you find yourself. With beautifully hand-drawn visuals and stunning first-person perspectives, Horizon Zero Dawn takes the idea of ​​sci-fi and combines it with a modern story about exploring the unknown. Players will be taken through a fantastic, breathtaking realm, filled with danger and mystery as they discover the secrets behind the world and its creatures.

This is not a game that you should miss out on. Horizon Zero Dawn promises to be the next big release from the major video game producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). The game promises to be one of the most exciting games of the year and will be a huge success when it launches this fall. You can pre-order the game right now through Sony’s website, and I personally recommend that you buy it through our affiliate link below.

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