Famous People Who Sold Their Soul to SATAN


There is no better way to understand the roots of satanic rituals than understanding the relationships and famous people who sold their souls to SATAN. SATAN is the dark Lodge that has occult rituals and a hierarchy system that is based on deception and sadistic behavior. Among the names that make up the SATAN, hierarchy is Lucifer, Mephisto, and Satan. A notable member of the lodge is Jonathan Moulton, who is an American designer whose life was almost dedicated to the practice of satanic witchcraft.

The most famous people who sold their souls to Satan are Jonathon Moulton and Henry Clausen. Jonathan Moulton is a designer of children’s toys. Moulton was devoted to satan at a very young age and was known to attend weekly services at a church that was run by Satanists. Moulton was heavily involved with the satanic belief system and believed that all magicians were Satanists and needed to be subdued. Moulton’s life is closely associated with the works of Aleister crabby and Han’s astral projection, which influenced the lives of many future celebrities.

Henry Clausen was a famous conductor and singer of the time. He was also deeply involved with satanic rites and was said to have performed strange incantations to contact satan. Other popular musicians who were thought to be fans of Satanism include Eddie Van Halen, and Cream’s roadman, Bono. Today we find that many stars are Satanists and sell one’s soul to Satan.

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