Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Miscarriages


Celebrities who have spoken out about miscarriages and the anguish they cause often face a lot of backlash from those who are most likely to be affected by their words. Their words about miscarriage can make people think twice about having children and that could mean a loss of business from companies that cater to moms who want to have children. Celebrities do not have the power to stop other people from having children, but they do have the power to speak out for those who have been struggling with this problem. They are not only saying that it is a tough thing to go through but they are also giving the rest of us a little inspiration by telling us that it can be done.


Celebrities who have spoken out about miscarriage usually have a reason for doing so, and it is usually because they have used similar words to describe what they are going through. Many people will read that a celebrity has lost a child to miscarriage and immediately begin criticizing that celebrity or the show that they are watching. It is important to remember that celebrities are human just like us and they make mistakes just like we make mistakes. Just because a celebrity makes a mistake does not make it a big mistake. It simply means that they are human and are doing the best that they can under the circumstances.


Celebrities who have spoken out about miscarriage have gotten support from all over the place. They have received phone calls, emails, letters, cards, flowers, and stuffed animals. People everywhere understand what it means when a celebrity mourns the loss of a child and wants to share their experience with others. We are all affected by losing a baby and so it is important to listen and learn from celebrities who have had this unfortunate event. They are living proof that even though life is unpredictable, it is not impossible to love one more day. We need to be strong and not lose our faith in other people and miracles.

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