Bizarre Alcoholic Shots


Bizarre Alcoholic Shots is a game where you have to select the best shot in Bizarre Beer Bar. There are certain shots that will help you in earning your beer faster than the rest, but not all of these shots are legal, thus if you choose the wrong shot, you will be charged with Disorder or a DUI. You could also get arrested for Disorder or a DUI, depending on the state where you live.

Bizarre Alcoholic Shots contain various ingredients such as, cheese, malt vinegar, and even vinegar, buttermilk, ginger ale, lemonade, cranberry juice, vanilla ice cream, and even lime juice. Each ingredient has its own effect. The amount of each ingredient used may vary from game to game. For example, some games will require you to consume a certain number of drinks for one point. Other games will reward you by giving you bonus points if you consume more drinks. Thus, knowing the specific ingredients that are part of each Bizarre Alcoholic Shots can help you make your own strategy about which shot to take.


The game consists of a tank with a filter on top to catch the “volatile” liquid being expelled from the bottles. You have to shoot down flies and other flying insects using the included mechanism that shoots down these insects using a hose. The “volatile” liquid you shoot out contains alcohol, and sometimes carbon dioxide as well. The more alcohol you swallow, the higher the “buzz” (rating) of your drink. Some bottles of Bizarre Alcoholic Shots have an alarm to tell you when it’s time to drink; another is that you can’t drink any of the alcohol content at all in order to get a better buzz.

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