Are Silly Rules That Stand Across Party Lines Making Smart People Ugly?


In the US we have ridiculous rules that stand across the world. We have rules about religion and speech that are lunatic and beyond comprehension. One of the lunatic rules that stand across the world is the Blue Jeans rule. If a person wears blue jeans they cannot say or do anything crazy or expressive.


What is so ridiculous about this rule? Well, I am glad you asked! The reason the US has such a diverse culture is that we have various groups and sub-cultures that each developed their own beliefs and reasoning behind different issues. And the reason the US has such a diverse culture is that there are a lot of different people from many different countries in our hemisphere.


The blue jeans rule is one of those ridiculous rules that stand across the world. Why do I say that? Because it is insane. People should be able to wear whatever they darn well want to if they do not want to be punished for life by the insane US government.



The first reason this rule is stupid is that it does not make any sense. Everyone knows that blue jeans are loose and that is completely rational. If someone is walking around with a baggy beanie on they are going to look odd and silly, that is exactly what is being said. So it makes perfect sense that if someone wishes to be allowed to wear a baggy then they should not be penalized for wearing blue jeans.


The second reason the ridiculous rules are dumb is that they hurt people. Let’s take political correctness for instance. Everyone knows that it is not okay to tell a white person to get out of the country or to say Merry Christmas to them because they are white. Well, now you might think that the same goes for saying “you are a dumb fucker” or that you should have more kids. But why do you suppose that is so?


The next reason is that it hurts other people and in all cases, it is completely irrational. For example; If someone is walking in a neighborhood and sees two girls talking about which girl has more hair or wants a new car then they might say something like “oh really, do you hate your parents too much? If that is how you feel about your parents , then maybe you should go away and leave the country. ” This is completely illogical and it could get someone hurt or even killed in a neighborhood.

The third reason the ridiculous rule is dumb is that it hurts free speech. Let’s say for instance you are a conservative and you happen to like the New York Times. Well, the next time you see a liberal writer at work writing a story about how terrible the New York Times is and how wrong the liberal writer is then just pull out a pen and paper and write down the New York Times article that was written by that liberal slant-journalist-in-chief. Now, do you realize what you have just done? You just challenged the validity of the media and the free press and in essence, said that the writer does not have the right to tell you what to think.

There are many more reasons and all of these reasons are silly rules that stand across the political spectrum. Not only do these rules make people angry, but they also make the rest of us wonder if we made the wrong choice in electing such an ignorant person. The only other person who can step into that shoes is Oprah Winfrey, she is a black woman and she does speak from experience. Not to mention she is a master of communication and that comes in handy when she gets stuck on topics of far-left politics. In fact, her knowledge of the issues and solutions that help all kinds of people every single day makes her seem wise beyond her years.

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