10 Things Before They Are a Year Old


Puppy training is very much like training your own children. You must be consistent, patient, and loving with your puppy and not lose your temper or give in to their stubbornness. If you can not train your dog properly at first, do not get discouraged. Puppy learn at different rates so it may take a while for them to catch on to what you’re trying to teach them. Following these 10 things before they are a year old will help speed up the process.


First, be sure to have a playmate for your puppy. Dogs need to socialize with others so that they know who is who and can establish a hierarchy among themselves. This also helps them to recognize when their food or water has been served. Socialization and playtime will help a puppy establish itself and learn how to get along with other dogs and people. Dogs must always have a place to call their own, which means playing in the fenced-in yard or a dog pen.


Next, your puppy will need a proper diet before they are a year old so start preparing ahead of time by going to the store and picking out the essentials that they will need for a healthy life. Start with a bowl of puppy chowmein or puppy table food as these contain all the nutrients and vitamins your dog needs to grow. You should also buy a chew toy for them to chase so that they do not grow bored and chew on your furniture or other things around the house. As soon as your puppy is house trained, you should take them outside several times a day and keep an eye on them to make sure they are not getting into trouble.

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